Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm feeling bored at the moment cause I was originally supposed to go to PS and then study after that, but I'm not going anymore so I'm just waiting till 5.30 for this guy to come and interview me for 50 bucks. I get the fifty bucks, not pay him, obviously. It's some survey on how teens think.

My guitar's in school, so I can't practice to while away some time. Oh well.

Tomorrow's teacher's day celebrations in school. I'm still undecided if I want to go back to Maris Stella. I'll think about it later. The main issue now to settle though are the cards I'm going to make for my present teachers. Yes I make cards. My art sucks but I still do it anyway. Most guys don't do it cause they probably think it's faggoty or something. But I say it's about showing appreciation. So I'm emo. Shoot me. The problem though is that I still have no clue how I'm going to design the cards. I'll think about that later too.

Damn I need to start studying la.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am officially on the run from Michael Tan, my school DM.

Was late for morning assembly today, along with quite a few people because, well I dallied around too much in class after the bell rang for us to assemble at the quadrangle. Got caught and was made to stand behind to wait till after the thing. As the rule, I was supposed to give my EZ link card to the DM and collect it from it at 5pm. That obviously didn't go too well with me at all. My wallet withe the card was upstairs in class, so I went up to take it......and sat around for about ten minutes till he'd gone off. Eh well not my fault I was looking for lecture notes so I took a bit longer, and when I went down he wasn't there right? Okay so I wasn't looking for my notes. I didn't even bring them in the first place. But still.

I shall complete my Applications of Differentiation tutorial tonight (I hope), which was due more than 2 weeks ago. Maclaurin's Series tutorial was due a week ago, and there's small angle approximations (no idea what that is) to do too. Yippee.

I'm a disaster. And I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not messaging. Stupid China made phone.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It was going to happen one day, but my phone decided to screw me up today. It happened on the train home from Plaza Sing. The stupid thing kept turning itself off after a few seconds and then ater I smacked it as usual the message prompt for my PIN1 code came up. I had no idea what it was so I tried a couple of times, and my SIM card got disabled. Brilliant. I talked to someone from M1 over the phone (house phone, obviously) and she came to the conclusion my card was a goner. Now I've no means by which I can contact people and have people contact me conveniently. And I can't message people. I really must stress the importance of sms-ing during Chinese. Keeps you sane.

Which brings me to another point about today. For today's Chinese lesson, Hao Feng, Clarence and I decided we needed to look up the teacher in charge of CIP during lesson time. More productive you see. So we went out of class when Chinese was supposed to begin and returned fifteen minutes later. We were made to stand at a corner for a bit, and I ended up at another corner, Clarence at the far end where he hid behind the wall so he could squat and Hao Feng outside cause we kept talking and kicking this mouse ball we found on the floor. Hao Feng's the Home Tutorial Councillor and Clarence's the Discipline Councillor, by the way. I absolutely can't ask for more in a corrupt position holder. HAHA. Seeing I'm only a GP Rep, it's not so much of a stain on my credibilty ^_^

I now owe 3 Maths tutorials and am totally screwed for studies. Which is why I shall start studying proper very very soon. Oh, and Chem test today was a waste of paper.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally found some time to update.

These few days have been rather eventful. Catholic retreat wasn't anything fantastic, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world anyway. I wasn't allowed to go actually. It was like people were trying to find ways to excuse themselves but couldn't because it was compulsory? There I was not being allowed to go and trying to convince my VP to let me.

Long story cut short: The retreat was to be from Friday afternoon till Saturday night, and I'd needed to be excused on Saturday morning for the .38 revolver shooting finals. Talked to my VP and he told me to skip the competition which I of course couldn't, and after some more talking he told me to not go for the retreat as a special case because he didn't want to compromise any of the sessions as they were connected. I might get left hanging without an answer, he said. Tried and tried myself but couldn't persuade him. He wanted me to go too, but it was for the best. Then my mom called him up and he couldn't say no. Haha. Anyway made friends with people some of whose names I already knew but didn't know personally. So yeah, pretty cool. Wouldn't have mised it.

.38 finals went really shitty. Team 2nd and Individual 9th but my scores were absolutely horrible because, well let's just say aiming the .38 is weird for me. The shots had a nice cluster, sure. But they were all 2s or 4s. Too lazy to say anymore.

Monthly shoot yesterday was a 540. Can't say much except that I think they counted wrongly and it's supposed to be lower. My skills are really rusty after not touching a gun for a whole month.

Anyway here's a group photo of my retreat group members =D
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Okay I better do this before I forget or get too damn lazy. This somewhat of a lag but better late then never.

Bintan was pretty fun, but because I'm lazy as usual to type out one whole account of what happened, here's a concise checklist of what I did there:

1) Took a ferry twice (to and fro, duh).

2) Drove the buggy that was for our villa everywhere.

3) Tried golf at the driving range.

4) Dropped the damn golf club on my foot.

5) Had buffet every day. Stuffed myself full of desserts. Blueberry cheese tart? *drool*

6) Went swimming at the pool. Not very big, and I tried to get a tan, but the weather absolutely sucked.

7) Drove an all terrain vehicle, and managed to ram the thing into the bushes.

8) Archery. It's pretty fun, but it started raining halfway through and the arrows were blown about by the wind -_-ll

9) Went to the beach even though the weather was crap like I said. It started to rain after a while, and I didn't get to walk on nice white sand that makes squeaky sounds when you step on it cause it was slightly wet =/ Walked out into the sea though. You know how at normal beaches you go waist deep in water after going in about 2 metres? In Bintan you can walk pretty far out. Haha. Cool.

Okay I'll probably upload photos soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'd originally wanted to blog some stuff about Bintan in this post and put some pictures, but I'll leave that to another time cause I'm quite pissed off right now.

The school's Catholic retreat this Friday is something I'm looking forward to, but a ton of problems are making it just so damn frustrating. Firstly it was cancelling the birthday celebration with the 4C guys Yi He had originally planned, which was my fault cause I remembered a bit too late. Fine.

Then it got more screwed. The NPCC .38 revolver shooting competition final is on Saturday morning. The retreat is from Friday afternoon to Saturday night. Argh. How? I can't skip the competition because I'm part of the team, and it's the FINALS. And I can't skip the retreat and I don't want to either. Brilliant.

Did I mention that due to the retreat I won't be able to go for the Serangoon Youth District Rally on Saturday, or Amplify on Friday? Seems the retreat's brought a whole lot of inconveniences for me.

Crap la.

Friday, August 17, 2007

On my birthday, I:

1) Went to school and got a lot of well wishes, in person and from smses, all of which I'm really appreciative of because people care

2) Started sleeping during the first lesson (Econs)

3) Celebrated with another cake with 1T33 people (that's 4 in one week)


4) Got taupok-ed twice in school. Once by my classmates, another by the shooting guys. Happy birthday. Haha.

5) Played chess in class after school to while away time till 3pm, when we were supposed to go to the range for a briefing by Mr Tan

6) Was supposed to go meet Brother Paul at 4pm, but it became 6pm cause he was busy

7) Probably would've gone for Amplify, except that I finished at almost 8 and reached home at 9 plus

Anyway the meeting with Brother Paul went pretty okay. I was a bit nervous when talking to him at first, but then it was all right after that. I fully understand where he's coming from, I guess we were looking at things from different perspectives. Nonetheless, I agree with his stand on everything, and it seems there aren't going to be any much problems after all.

Going to Bintan tomorrow, have no idea what I'm going to do there. Maybe I'll start studying. I hope.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Right. About 3 more minutes or so and I will be SEVENTEEN.

3 cakes in 5 days. One at Clarence's BBQ, one yesterday and one today with my parents. Omg the fatness. More next week. Haha. That was just some random observation. It's pretty cool though, cause it's a bit like birthday week or something for me.

Okay I'm seventeen already, and it didn't feel any different to when I was sixteen just a few seconds ago. Hahaha ok I'm a bit cranky now. Stupid written report sapped my brain power.

Tired. Goodnight world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay I finally finished my story for submission for the creative writing competition. It got a bit draggy along the way, but it's okay I guess. Now I'm left with my homework essay which I'm going to type out. HAHA.

Got smacked twice in the face with cake today. Black forest. Nicholas slammed it rather hard, and when I gently decided to lubricate his face with cream, he did it again. Dinner-ed with the shooting people at KFC after that.

There's a Maths CA tomorrow, on inequalities, system of linear equations and applications of differentiation. I'm feeling too damn lazy after completing my story, so I guess it's going to be a single digit mark as usual. I hope I sit next to Hao Feng or something so I can do some reference though.


1) WRITTEN REPORT (omg 3000 words)

2) Type out essay

3) Econs Project (due tomorrow, haven't started, no idea what it's about. Probably will get zero)

4) CCA Training Plan (due Friday)

5) Maths Post-exam paper (due last week, it's a 3 hour paper)

6) Applications of Differentiation tutorial (due last week)

SIAN. I think I'll go sleep. Got a runny nose. Irritating.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My blog was getting a bit dereft of colour, so here's just one random pic:

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Anyway I was bored so I ran my name through one of those quiz thingeys and this is what I came up with:

Tay Kai Yi Andrew --


An immortal

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Andrew Tay --


A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

That's all.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yesterday's BBQ was pretty fun, I guess. It started off rather boringly, because the food hadn't come yet or something and I just sat on the floor stoning in Clarence's room while Tingwei was gaming and the others watched. Then the thing started and it was all right. Barbecued stuff throughout the thing, and at the end we had a birthday celebration for me =D. The cake was pretty good stuff.

Val said she's bringing the other cake (there were two) on Wednesday so we can celebrate again. And Friday too. Haha.

Lazy to type more.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Was supposed to study yesterday. Ended up going to play pool before meeting Gen, and only managed to do 2 questions cause we kept talking. Oh dear. Hahaha.

I'm blogging right now cause I'm waiting for Bleach to load. The link Lanz sent me's pretty good I guess. Shooting BBQ later and I hope it'll be fun. About half the J1s are going, but I guess the main purpose for me going is to see the J2s and get to sit down and talk to them again =D

Anyway. Thursday was National Day, and we pooled before going to the Padang for this thing where we were supposed to open umbrellas to form a giant Singapore flag. Quite cool la, and there's this thing called an assembly bag which they gave which I think is a rather uber concept. It's like strips that are detachable using zippers in which you can interchange colours and add more strips to form a bigger bag. Maybe I don't make sense. But it's still nice. Went for dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe, and then played pool. Again. Haha so I played pool 3 times in 2 days.

Okay the video's streamed somewhat ahead already so I'll go watch.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just came back from supper with the gang.

I'm rather addicted to Bleach now. I used to think that anime was crap until I started watching it last week on Clarence's iPod Video, after Lanz passed it to me for a taste, and since then I've been hooked. Just today alone I watched 22 episodes, and that's some effing scary shit man. On average each episode is about 20 minutes or so, and that all adds up to about 7 and a half hours of anime. Here's how I chalked up the hours:

- Watched it from the moment I left school and told Clarence I wanted to borrow the iPod all the way home. That meant a 35 minute bus trip and 15 minute walk home.

-Watched it while having lunch.

-The guys in class decided to go for some water fun at Jurong East Swimming Complex today, where there're Wild Wild Wet type water features. Watched some more from my house to the MRT station, where I went all the way to Jurong East to meet the guys at the swimming complex.

-Watched Bleach on the bus to the swimming complex.

-More of that while eating at KFC with the rest.

-We decided to play a bit of pool and LAN after that. The trip was spent with eyes transfixed on the iPod screen.

-Watched even more from Jurong East all the way to Paya Lebar and on the bus home.

-Brought the iPod out to supper and watched a couple of episodes while walking to meet the gang.

Gee, I scare myself. The only reason why I stopped then was cause the iPod was totally out of battery. Oh well I'm at episode 42 now, so this frenzy will come to an end after another 90 or so episodes.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Went for the CJC Gymnastics concert yesterday. Yes you heard right, a gym concert, which basically consisted of the gymnasts doing stuff to music, with support from some dancers too. It was pretty cool, and I'm rather glad I went. There were quite a number of screw-ups along the way, but it didn't matter. The routines were still nice la.

Which brings me to another point. I'm in JC1 and 17 this year, but all along it's never really hit me that we've all actually grown up so much. It's like, wah go JC already, mature young men and women, but you never really view it that way at first. For most people, it's probably just a continuation of secondary school, with perhaps the opportunity to mix with the other sex. For some it's a harrowing experience - some people just remain all clammed up. For others it's just plain fun. Suffice to say I didn't clam up. But anyway.

The signs that we've all come a long way are there, but nobody really notices them. Until something which gives you an opportunity to see how you or your friends have grown comes along. CJC's gym concert was one of those things. Ben looked so handsome and mature in those costumes, and that's saying a lot because I'm not in the slightest inclined towards being gay. Cheerin and Wei-lyn were graceful and, dare I say it - beautiful exacting their routines. Those were pretty eye-opening moments, times when we got to see other sides of our classmates we never really got to see. Yeah of course I knew Ben was in trampoline, Cheerin was in rhythmic and Wei-lyn was in artistic gym, but seeing them actually doing stuff, now that gave real depth to what they were doing. It wasn't a sudden realisation, but my friends are all young adults now.

Suppered at Newton Circus after that, ate a hell lot of good stuff - char kway teow, fried oyster, chicken wings, murtabak, stingray. Shiok but sinful.

My class is like the best. So many talented (there's a national fencer in my class =D) and fun people. And I'm sure the eye-opening will continue.