Monday, February 25, 2008

Hi, updating from the school computer again while waiting for Muthu to be done studying with his friend.

Common tests are a week away and I can't fail or Brother Paul'll ban me from competitions. I don't think he'll do that for the nationals, but there're still all those invitationals I want medals in. So I can't fail, period. Haha.

My attention span has now dropped to half a period every lesson. At the half an hour mark I'll start drifting off, and my amazing capability to fall asleep during lessons extends to even tutorials, and, get this, student development periods. Every single lesson. Brilliant, eh? If there were a job in this world that required someone who's always tired (theoretical job, of course), I'd be the prime candidate.

NTUIS is this Friday, and I'm risking being banned by joining cause I don't have much of a choice - there's nobody else to put in. And what sucks is that I'm risking this for something there's no chance of winning the team event in. Ugh. And it's not really possible to win an individual medal either. Unless I happen to shoot a miraculous 560, which isn't going to happen because my shooting skill is dropping too. I think it's a consequence of being too tired.

Everything's a mess, and hopefully tonight I'll make it less of that by staying for night study in school. I'm not dead, at least maybe not yet. Heh.