Thursday, August 28, 2008


$313. Saving starts now!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This is a late post, as with almost all of my posts (or lack thereof) nowadays. It's just really hard to take time out to type something out, but I thought this was one of the occasions I'd do a post before stopping for a while.

I gave the keys to the SALT room and the cabinet containing all the music equipment and guitars to Kenneth last Sunday. That means I'm stepping down as a facilitator and band leader because I'm putting things in perspective right now and as a student, the best way I can serve God at the moment is, well to study. And God knows I haven't been doing much of that. So I officially stepped down on 2 August after the performance for Father Kenny's farewell - in a sense it was also mine too.

I really will miss SALT. Only six months here and I'll miss the times the jamming flowed, the times facilitating sessions, the times I spent around friends. While it isn't goodbye, it's still, I don't know, sigh-inducing? This is a part of me I'm giving up for the time being, and I can't wait to get it back.

Meanwhile it's back to studying.