Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm watching "The Apprentice" as I'm typing this right now, and this week, the two teams are tasked with coming up with a solution to reduce office clutter for Staples, the largest office stationery company in the world. Cracks are popping up within Magna Corporation, and well....we'll see.

Read today in the New Paper about Jack West...again. The first time I heard about him was in the Straits Times a couple of months back, and the article was all about him having this perverted matchmaking website. On top of that, this guy was able to teach school children right here in Singapore while being a wanted man in the U.S. for molesting his kid and all sorts of crap. Disgusting, I thought, but apparently, that wasn't the end of it. He's back in the headlines again for taking $6000 worth of monetary help from MUIS to bring his family to the U.S., before braggin using vulgar words about it all. Here's what happened: After the newspaper report was published, this guy was caught, jailed and kicked out of the country. Once back home however, he started harassing the reporters who exposed him through vulgar emails, and even bragged about getting free money from MUIS to bring his family over. The nerve this guy has - not only is he an arrogant, child molesting paedophile, he looks the part as well. Not only is he ungrateful for receiving monetary aid, he even brags about it and mocks those who help him in the first place! Incorrigible bastard.

Anyway, enough of him. Tomorrow promises to be a fun day - it's finally the last day of exams, and I'm going to play badminton after school..yay. Until then.

P.S. Magna won. Brent got fired.