Monday, October 17, 2005

I've just finished a couple of rounds of Halo 2. As usual, thrashed those noobs who think they are pros online. Haha. Today was a pretty eventful one, with it being the last day of exams and me going for badminton.

The Chinese examination today was pretty easy, except for the fact that I kept dozing off for the first half an hour. Don't ask me how the hell I can doze off during an examination, I just did. It was the same with SA1, I was teetering between consciousness and sleep throughout the exam. I ended up having to read both passages again so I could understand the blotches of ink on the paper. Sheesh. Maybe it was because the passages were too boring or something. Also, even though I said earlier the paper was easy, I basically did it anyhow. My nonchalant attititude might lead to a big "F" on my paper, but ask me if I care. It's the last day of exams, dammit.

Badminton after that was fun, and we played from about 11am - 5pm. Really tired now, 'cause after badminton I went with a friend to Serangoon Stadium for a short run. Short because the long hours of badminton led to cramps in both of us. Really painful. We only managed two rounds, stopping after each to rest and do other crap like push ups. Pathetic, I know. Looks like more hard training is in store for me if I want to get a NAPFA Gold next year....