Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sorry I haven't been blogging the past few days, was away at camp. As such, this post will most definitely be extremely long, so don't read unless you have the time. Had a very weird, albeit scary dream last night. I dreamt that that I hadn't taken my A Maths exam yet and that it was tomorrow. Worst of all, I didn't understand a thing! I thought I was screwed when I woke up in a cold sweat on my bed. Perhaps I had the dream because I failed the stupid subject.

Anyway, for the past few days in school, all the students were supposed to check their exmination papers and marks, but being away helping out at the Secondary 2 Camp as a student leader, I got to check my papers only at night, with the mornings and afternoons spent doing camp actvities. Anyway, imagine my trepidation when I got back my papers the first night; I was really scared that I would fail all three sciences because I didn't finish the papers. Chemistry was a goner, I knew. E Maths...well paper 1 I passed, but I ended up flunking paper 2 and failing the subject. A Of course, not all of it was bad news. I topped the class for English with 73.0 marks, 2 marks short of an A1 but possibly topping the level. I got an A2 for Chinese with 74.0 marks, even though I did it anyhow and thankfully I passed both my Physics and Biology papers. Enough said about my dismal results.

Going on to the camp, being a student leader, I was required to take charge of the students for various activities, and on the first day, a couple of other leaders and I went along with the Secondary 2 cohort for a hike at Pulau Ubin. To me, it was kinda boring as I had been there countless times, but whatever. Anyway, we brought our own lunches there (loaves of bread, canned food and packet drinks...bleargh) and were supposed to have it at Chek Jawa at the South-Eastern most part of the island (you know, the one the government is preserving?). Now, I've been to Chek Jawa a number of times, and during the lowest tide, the water recedes such that you can walk all the way out. On the seabed you can see marine life such as sea anemones, starfish, and dollars and all sorts of stuff. Really interesting. Unfortunately, when we went there it was high tide, and there was nowhere we could sit and have lunch. We ended up going over to Mamam Beach North of the island to eat. After that we travelled over to yet another beach before going back to the jetty where we boarded the bumboat back to Changi and from there, the bus back to school. The whole trip lasted from about 9am to 4pm.

The second day was a new experience for me as I conducted another activity for the students: Star Orienteering. Now I'm not going to explain any further what that is, if you're interested search the web or something. I was actually scheduled to go for yet another Ubin trip with the remaining classes, but because the soles of my shoes came off on the first trip, I couldn't go as I only had sandals. Again, I'm not going to say anything else except that it was fun 'cause I don't want to bore you any more and 'cause I'm starting to get lazy to yeah, I'll leave it here.

We went for a hike at MacRitche Reservoir on the morning of the third day. Standard cross-country route, Ryan (another leader) and I were stationed at one point next to the reservoir. We threw stones into the reservoir to try to make them skip and at a turtle which was there surfacing for air, "to practice our accuracy" as Ryan put it. Our little experiment with the turtle yielded some results, with the turtle being hit about 8 times. Cruel I know, but it was his idea. I'm really not that kind of person, and neither is Ryan, but it was really funny at the time. Well actually it still kinda is.

We broke camp at about 12.15 pm, and while others went back to the comfort of their homes, I went for NPCC activity, which lasted from 1pm-6pm. Insane? Not really, there's more. After my weekly activity ended, I played soccer till about 7pm and even went jogging at 9.30pm with a friend. How's that for a busy day?

Well, that's it I guess. Thanks for listening to me rant.