Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is my first time ever typing anything in a blog, so I do hope this comes out. First of all, I'd like to say that since this is my first post, I don't really know what to write about yet: Telling you what happened during my day seems so....mundane. This is my first post after all, so I guess I should start of with a bit of an intro. Here goes.

Publishing this blog was hell for me, as I faced a multitude of problems: First, the language barrier. Whenever I tried to access the damn site so I could set up my own blog, the page came out in Chinese! That's not to say I'm illiterate in Mandarin, of course, in fact, I speak the language pretty okay if I may say so myself. But having the entire site popping out in Chinese (traditional, mind you) for a beginner like me is a major turnoff, which is what kept me from creating this blog earlier in the first place. That was until I found a small link at the bottom of the page which read "yu yan", or "language". There, problem solved.

The second problem was not what I would call a technical one, rather it was simply that I just didn't wish to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else and create something which I would'nt update after I lost interest. Then I thought to myself, "Hell, wouldn't it be nice to look back to the past and recall your experiences? That way, I would be able to recall almost-forgotten memories, things I never want to forget....which is what leads you to see this now. Through this blog, I hope to share whatever life experiences (or bullshit for that matter), not just for others to read, but also for me to look back and say, "WTF?! I actually went through this crap?" So to all readers out there, happy reading.