Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today was the the day we were informed whether we had to drop any of the subjects we were taking and whether we had to take confirmation examinations to determine whether we would be able to keep these subjects for next year. My heart leapt into my mouth when Mr Ng was showing us the entire list of those who had to take the confirmation tests and drop Biology. Thankfully, I didn't have to drop Biology and as luck would have it, I didn't have to take any confirmation examinations either. There were basically four subjects, namely Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. I passed both my Physics and Bio papers, so there was nothing to worry about these two, but I failed Chemistry and A Maths, which of course I flunked atrociously. Bleh. Anyway, there is a cutoff mark determined by the teachers, and failing to meet this cutoff mark would mean that you would have to sit for the confirmation exam. Now to say that having to sit for yet another round of examinations is unappealing is an extreme understatement, and pardon my French, but it'd be fucked up if I had to retake any one. Thankfully, I met the cutoff grade for both subjects, that of Chemistry being 40 (I got 44) and that of A Maths being 35 (I got exactly 35, how lucky is that?). A ton of people in my class are having to drop Biology, and again I'm thankful I don't. I was so afraid I would have to. However, I do realise that my Sciences grades are all borderline, and I'm still failing my E Maths, a result of studying for each exam the night before. Guess I'm gonna need a major change in my study ethic if I want to excel next year. It's gonna be ardous, but it's the only way.

Anyway enough of this macabre stuff. On a lighter note, one of my compositions was published in this year's Write! anthology, a publication by the school English department for compositions written by students. What disturbs me though, is that two of the compositions in the book are essentially the same, some crap about a guy losing his arms, using his mouth to write blah blah blah, yadda yadda. I wonder how they got in.

P.S. Played DotA today and got schooled. I think I should stick to schooling (most) people in Halo 2 instead.