Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Was rather pissed off today and I'll tell you why. The day started off with me going to school for a camp leaders' briefing for the Secondary 2 Camp I'm going for tomorrow. Nothing much ado about it. After that, I went to play a bit of soccer. Ho-hum. But what I was really looking forward to was going to watch a movie, and I was supposed to go with two of my friends. Unfortunately, it started raining and those two suddenly said they didn't want to go. "Why are you angry because of that?" you say. After all, I could go watch it another time, right? Well, read on.

After soccer, I went home, had a bath, changed into my outing clothes: A polo shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes. That's when disaster struck. It started raining. Pouring, so to speak. According to my friend, the rain was so heavy that one would not be able to hold an umbrella against the rain without it flying off., and neither wanted to go anymore. Unlikely here in Singapore, but I'll let it pass. So I tried to reason with my two friends and said stuff like, "What the hell does going to watch a movie have to do with the weather?" Which it doesn't, of course, except for the fact that it gets you a bit wet in getting to your destination. So blah blah blah, they eventually conceded that we would wait till the rain was lighter before we set out. So, to while away the time, I played a few games of Halo 2 (yes, I do play it a lot, don't I?), constantly looking at the clock to see what time it was. We were originally supposed to meet at 2pm at the MRT Station, but because of the rain, I decided to give some leeway here and there, and so I ended up leaving the house at 2pm. Whilst I was walking to the bus stop, I received an SMS from one of them, saying that "Eh, XXX(left the guy's name out) said he doesn't want to go anymore, I and I don't feel like going either". In short form of course. Of course, I was freakin pissed. I already changed and left the house! What the hell was I supposed to do? So I SMSed the guy back saying so, and he told me to go to his house to play table tennis, and wait till the rain was lighter before the other friend came. "WTF?!" I thought. "What about the movie?" Do I want to play table tennis when I set out to watch a movie? No I sure as hell do not. And the best part is that the two don't even think they're in the wrong.

I went to the mall near my house after that to buy something for camp the next day, and went straight home after that, even though I was already outside. I'm typing this now after I drowned myself in DotA fo about a little less than two hours.

Saying today is a bad day is a bit of an understatement. The irony of the phrase "fair-weather friends" is not lost on me, and though the rain was rather unfortunate, it helped me to open my eyes to see whether my friends would be able to weather the storm with me, literally this time. Oh well, at least I know better now.