Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Nothing much going on today, but I am feeling rather bored, so I guess I’ll just say what comes to mind.

Two nights ago, I watched Singapore play Vietnam in their SEA (that’s South-East Asian) Games Group Stage soccer match, and not that I’m good at soccer, but I must say, Singapore played rather dreadful football in my opinion. The score was 0-0 when suddenly, in a moment of magic in the 23rd minute, Singapore scored. I can’t remember who scored, but the goal was magnificent, putting Singapore 1-0 up. The scorer picked up a pass that was unlikely to end up in anything, and made a fantastic chip past the helpless keeper into goal. However apart from that one glorious moment, Singapore pretty much played pretty badly, giving away balls to the opponent with poor crossing and passing. Then, 4 minutes into stoppage time into the first half, Vietnam scored with a deflected free-kick. Why there can be 4 minutes of stoppage time in the freaking first half is beyond me. Things went downhill after that, with Singapore eventually losing 2-1. It was bound to happen, with the play that Singapore kept up (or rather didn’t keep up), but still that really sucked. I mean, we were leading man!

I’ve nothing else to talk about, so I think I’ll do a cliché and talk about the weather. It’s monsoon season over here in Singapore, and it’s raining practically everyday, giving me a convenient excuse not to go for a daily run nowadays. Not that I’m happy, mind you. I’ve become lazy all over again.