Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Nonsense...and Some Other Stuff

I went to school in the morning today for a campcraft competition briefing and brainstorming session, which lasted from 8.30 am in the morning to about 11.30. Went home after that to take a quick shower before going with Wei Bin, Hao Bin and Jonathan to catch Harry Potter. Finally. Unfortunately, I must say, I wasn’t really impressed. I mean, the CGI was pretty good and all, but parts of the story, which needn’t have been cut or modified were. Since when did Harry’s first task, which involved retrieving a golden egg from a dragon result in Harry getting battered? Since when did the dragon chase him all the way out of the school and back, before crashing into a bridge and falling into a gorge? That was bullshit. Since when was Cedric Diggory like that? He was supposed to be a really nice guy in the book. Guess the director wanted Harry to be the only real “good guy Triwizard Champion”. Wait, that can’t be right. If that was so, why did Harry hesitate to save Cedric when he got ensnared by vines? And since when was Harry first to reach the Triwizard Cup? The parts that the director could have kept to the book and have been well rewarded for it, he didn’t. Take for example the fight with Voldemort. I mean, come on, the scene when Harry returned clutching Cedric’s dead body was crap. If you’ve read the book you’ll know what I mean. There are a lot more scenes like this one, and I’m kind of disappointed.

Went home after the movie. Didn’t eat dinner as I was stuffed full of tortilla chips and biscuits, not popcorn, mind you, we decided to bring in “contraband” items into the movie theatre; this we achieved by buying our snacks from the supermarket downstairs of the theatre and shoving the stuff into our bags so the attendant wouldn’t know. I’m still really full now, and when your stomach is bloated from eating snack food like chips and cookies, it’s not a good sign. *burp*