Sunday, November 20, 2005

Intellectual Property should be respected!

Today was my grandmother’s birthday. So to celebrate, our extended family gathered over at my grandmother’s house for a birthday potluck lunch. There was the usual finger food, assam fish head, chicken curry, my Gran’s trademark fishball soup…yum. Come to think of it, the curry was pretty good. Anyway, while I was there, the movie “Stealth” was playing on the DVD player and I managed to watch most of it. Now, my aunts and uncles love buying pirated DVDs (in the past it was VCDs, but that kinda went out of fashion a long time ago). Why? Simply because they get to catch a movie for a mere couple of bucks each. They get their DVDs through friends who go over to Malaysia, as you can’t really find as many pirated DVD and VCD sellers over here and it’s much cheaper over there. A true testimonial to the “cheapskateness” of Singaporeans, no? Anyway many who read this may argue that there’s nothing wrong in trying to get the best bargain, and I agree. But personally, I’m the type that doesn’t buy pirated games and stuff, simply because I’m into the “Intellectual Property belongs to their creators” idea. It’s one of the principles I abide by. I don't download music, I don't buy anything that's pirated. I mean, the producers of games and movies work so hard to get their product out, and a mere weeks later, they see pirated copies being sold on the streets. Seeing money gone right before their very eyes is a big turn off to coming up with a sequel, if you ask me. So why the hell did I watch the movie if I knew it was pirated and pirated stuff’s against my principle? Well, I figured since the damage to the intellectual property’s been done, might as well not let a free movie go to waste…. =)

Anyway, on to the movie itself. Jessica Biel, I must say, looked hot. In one scene, she's wearing a bikini (hold your horses, nothing R rated here), and you can see her muscles. Nothing obscenely bulging out (I mean her muscles, you perv), but still visible nontheless. "Holy shit", I thought when I saw her quadriceps. Her quadriceps are bigger than mine! I must say I feel a little ashamed, haha. But then again, she apparently worked out a lot for that movie role just so she could show off.