Thursday, November 17, 2005

Old stuff & Some New Stuff Too

It's been a long while (again) since I last blogged, and I'll try to compress everything that's happened that I can remember into as short a post as possible.

Some older news:

I was confirmed as a Catholic two Sundays ago at the Church of St Annes. I went dressed in a long sleeved shirt, trousers and leather shoes. No tie, though. I was really afriad that I was the only one who would turn up looking like this, making me look like a total dork, but thankfully, everyone was dressed like me. Well almost. One guy came in his school shirt which was a size too small, a pair of long pants which looked suspiciously like part of his school attire as well and, *gasp* horror of horrors, sandals. Go figure. Another came dressed rather okay, except that his shirt was short sleeved, and the design of both his shirt and pants made him look like he was an undertaker at the funeral home. Fashion faux pas.

Just came back from two camps on Tuesday. First up was ATC. Pretty fun, with activities like rafting, orienteering and ATF (that's the high obstacle stuff), but I left early on the second night (it was a 3D2N camp) to go for my second camp, a Catholic retreat. That's as short as I can keep it.

Now, on to today's new stuff. Went for the WCG Grand Finals today with Ker Yu, Hao Yuan, Lian Kai and Aaron. Got a free Playworks magazine and basically looked around and watched a couple of matches. Saw Lestat and dcosta playing in a training match. Damn, I should have joined. Went for lunch before comnig back to watch the matches First up, watched a Starcraft match between a Brazil guy (forgot his BattleTag) and Silent Control from Korea. Surprisingly, the Brazilian won. Next up was a WC3 match between 4K Grubby from the Netherlands, the top player in the world, and LamWilliam, the best in Venezuela. Grubby, of course, won. Finally, watched one last WC3 match between Gosubay, our very own Singapore player and Avatar, some guy from Korea. Gosubay pretty much got pwned. Ouch. Singapore needs more good players.