Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Uncle's Big Day

Went with my Mom to the Registry of Marriages today for my uncle’s marriage registration. The moment we stepped out of the car at the ROM, we saw my aunt in her wedding dress (I wouldn’t call it a gown, as it wasn’t long and billowy), together with the new in-laws. After the ceremony itself, which consisted of the marriage vows, lots of photo taking and a lot of clapping, we went over to Fort Canning Club, where there was a tea reception held. I’m really glad for my uncle. It’s not over yet, though. This was only the civil part. The actual Church wedding is still to come.

After the tea reception, we went home and I turned on the TV, only to watch Singapore hold Indonesia to a goalless draw in a SEA Games football qualifier match. Singapore wasted a LOT of chances. They’re going to need to buck up if they want to win.