Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh! Woe is me!

Feeling really disappointed as I’m typing this. On Tuesday night, Aaron asked whether I would like to go watch a movie with the others tomorrow, and I agreed readily. The whole gang’s going, and I thought I’d be a part of them until just now, when my Mom reminded me that it’s my uncle’s ROM day tomorrow. I had clean forgotten. I mean, I knew when my uncle was to get married, I knew it was Thursday and all, but I clean forgot that tomorrow is Thursday.  Dammit. Looks like I can’t go after all. To think I’d been having nothing much else on my mind as the stuff that we’d do tomorrow: First catching “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” on the silver screen, then going on to play a couple hours of LAN Gaming (I was really looking forward to playing Footmen Frenzy with the others) before ending the day off with a game or two of bowling and dinner at the food court. *Sigh*. What I’m feeling now is the feeling you get when a door’s being slammed into your face. Go figure. And worst of all, it’s not as if my Mom didn’t tell me beforehand that my uncle’s ROM day was tomorrow, and don’t you for a second think I’m not happy for my uncle – I really am, it’s high time he got hitched anyway – but I really feel like kicking myself right now (no I won’t do it so stop hoping if you wanted me to). How could I forget? How could I not have made the connection that tomorrow, the Thursday that I was to go out and have fun with my friends, was the same freakin’ Thursday that was my uncle’s big day?