Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. I've been busy. Doing...erm..all right, so I've been lazy. What can I do? DotA calls to me...

Anyway as such, I've got a ton to blog about today. Again. It seems my blog posts are always atrociously long, aren't they? Well right now, I'm going to attempt to explain why this is so, along with the benefits or both you, the reader and myself. Firstly, one of the reasons why each post is so obscenely long, so much so that my friend Calvin refers to it as a "storybook" is because I spend a ton of time explaining myself, as it is in this case. Secondly, if you've noticed, my posts are full detail, if I were to talk the interesting things about my day, I would go on about everything that happened in chronological order. No point leaving out parts that provide linkage to other events. People might say it's just bullshit, but I beg to differ. Finally, my posts are so long-winded simply because I sometimes, I don't blog every day because I'm lazy, even if something interesting happens on that day. What happens in the end is that you get a "weekly digest" of sorts, detailing my experiences over the week. What do I YOU stand to gain from all this? You get to read more stuff. I don't know whether it's good or bad. What do I stand to gain? I get to workout my writing skills. Talk about mutualism.

Just came back from my class chalet yesterday. Went together with Ker Yu, Song Yuan, Wei Wen, Panda and Aaron in the morning to Marina Square for some LAN gaming. After that had luch, which was basically tasteless stuff that cost a bomb. Reached the chalet at about 5 plus. On the first night we had our BBQ. Standard stuff for a chalet. Went bowling and had a score of about 100? Crap. Went home on the second day. Then Chin Hao called, told me that the chalet was booked for 3D2N and ask me whether I would like to stay again. I agreed and ended up staying for two nights. I stayed over for the second night only 'cause Gabriel was staying over. Not much fun without him. That's as short as I can put it, I guess.