Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here I am, blogging away while I have a Chinese composition yet undone and a Maths test tomorrow for which I haven't studied for. Whatever.

Anyway, we were supposed to change our seating arrangements today. Mrs. Ng, our form teacher apparently felt that it wasn't good as we were "too comfortable" with our present seats. As such, a change was in order. She wanted "independent learners" to sit at the back of the class while the weaker students sit in front. Sound good? Yeah I guess it does, but what made me roll my eyes was the next thing she said, "I want them to sit in a single row at the back so they can watch over the class." WTH?! ROFL our class don't need no damn sentinels. Thus Adrian, Kok Seng and the rest were put at the back in one row.

Now, since the start of term I've been sitting at the second row from the front, but her rearrangement relegated me right to the back of the class. No dumbass in his right mind would want to sit at the back during "O" level year, besides, I can't afford to fall asleep anymore, and I know I will if I'm at the back. Thus, following Mrs. Ng's "front-weak back-independent" theory, I knew I had to do the following to retain my seat at the front: I needed to convince her I was a horrible student, and convince her I did. Amid barrages of "Teacher, I must sit in front or I really will fall asleep!" (which is kinda true) and "Teacher, I have a bit of attention deficit disorder, cannot sit at the back or won't be able to pay attention!" (that's crap of course), Mrs. Ng finally relented. I managed to retain my place in the second row (not the same seat though).
Now the thing is, even though I was able to persuade her myself, Panda who was sitting beside me didn't think I was able to do so. Besides, he wanted to continue sitting beside me, so he told Mrs. Ng that he needed to sit next to me "to wake me up". The idiot. Great. Looks like I'm in a lot of trouble when Parent Teacher Meeting Day arrives. "Your son apparently has ADD, sleeps during lessons and is very weak! He even needs someone to poke him to wake him up during lessons!" *horrified looks from my parents* rofl. Well, who cares. I'll do what it takes to make myself pay attention during lessons from now on.