Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's been, what, some 3 weeks since I updated my blog? No excuses this time, not because I've been that busy or anything; I quite simply forgot to blog, a result of school reopening and a bit of laziness sprinkled all over. Today's topic will be a rojak of topics, covering nothing and everything at the same time. If that makes sense.

Anyway, like I said, school's started, and sad to say, my form teacher's a bit insane. She scolded Zhi Yi, my classmate when the wind blew a worksheet he was holding out the window accidentally, saying he "threw it outside" on purpose.

Most of my subject teachers have changed, with only my Physics (yay) teacher and English language teacher (zzz) remaining the same. The rest have all left, retired, the like. My New Year resolution this year is to pay as much attention as I can to lessons, doing my homework etc. In short, becoming a good (not model yet, mind you) student, though I cant say I'm really suceeding with Maths and English. Talk about boring.

CCA has resumed as usual, with Campcraft Training still on. Competition's in February, and we need to train hard if we want to make it to the finals. Oh yeah, I;ve been promoted to Sergeant as well during the Year-End Course. Kind of old, but as I haven't blogged in quite a while, there you have it.

We had a height-weight measurement last Thursday, and we had our body fat index measured as well. I weigh a ton (well 83kg actually, but that's mighty close), am 175cm tall and have a index of 27.4. Shit. However, on the bright side, even skinny guys I know have an index of 30, I can do 2 pull-ups, 15 dips on the parallel bar, 60 sit ups in a minute, take 10 seconds to complete a shuttle run and am much fitter than the average person. But that's just me trying to defend myself. I'm going to have to lose some weight. There you have it: I admit I'm fat. But fit. Again, that's my self-defensive mechanism acting up.

Conducted my first catechism class as a Youth Assistant Catechist in church yesterday. Well not so much conducted as did a games session, but I'll give Maureen credit for that. I'm pretty delighted that Beatrice, my godsister's in my class as well, along with a guy from my school that I didn't know at first.

Wanted to play Halo 2 today but my mom's a little nutters as well. I' ve only played once this week and when I asked her just now (yes, I have to ask her, but only if she's actually at home), she wouldn't have any of it. Says I'll "get addicted". Bloody hell, I play only once a freaking week and I get addicted? Blimey, what's this world coming to? What about all the benefits of gaming, like increased creativity and critical thinking, hand-eye coordination and the rest of it? Adults are so narrow minded.

More to come next week. If I remember to blog, that is.