Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Went over to my godparents'/ godsisters' yesterday in the morning, before going over to Mrs. Wee's house in the afternoon as part of my Chinese New Year visits. Went for LAN after that for about an hour, which sucked as everyone played different games. But that was yesterday.

This morning at about 9.15am, I was awoken by the sound of my handphone ringing. Jonathan was the one calling, and he was asking where the I was. I'd forgotten to set the alarm for me to wake up and go over to the museum to do volunteer stuff. Nice of him to wake me up, though.

Anyway I dragged my ass out of bed, brushed my teeth and took a quick shower, before it was off to the National Heritage Board "Rivertales" museum, my dad sending me there of course, since I was already late. I reached the place half an hour later than the supposed 9.30am.

I went into the museum, registered my attendace and proceeded into one of the rooms, where a lantern making session was in progress. Of course I didn't know what to do at first, but after a short while it became a piece of cake. During the duration of the session, we were supposed to go round helping out with the lantern making using red packets, and throughout the while thing this lady stayed to make the 3 examples of lanterns displayed, along with experimenting and wasting a LOT more red packets to make some other crap. She and her group of "aunties". I was kinda pissed at that, since they were depriving little children the opportunity of having a good time by using up all the red packets. As such, the session had to close early due to lack of red packets. Speaking of little children, the feeling that comes from teaching them stuff and watching them do their best at it, it's a great feeling.

When it came to lunchtime, the group of us volunteers went over to the volunteer room to have pizza. It tasted kinda funny, a bit of a bitter aftertaste. After that, me and Jon Ho went over to the room adjacent to the lantern making room, where we were supposed to help with a "yu sheng" making session. The person didn't need help, and asked us whether we wanted to make one dish as well. We did and it was pretty cool, a once in a lifetime experience I guess.

The whole thing was supposed to end at, what, 5pm? But the sessions ended early, so me and Jon Ho left early as well. I didnt' want to go home yet, so he went with me to X Square for a while. Played Winning Eleven 8 and a little bit of Halo 2. Sian.

School's starting tomorrow, which really sucks.