Thursday, February 16, 2006

Only 2 more days to the Campcraft Competition! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be in top form for it. We had a continuation of our NAPFA Test during PE today, and I did my sit-up and sit and reach stations today, as well as a retest of my standing broad jump station, the results of the previous record I wasn't too happy with. On the good side, I managed to do 60 situps in one minute, 42cm for sit and reach and 215cam for my standing broad jump, which still sucks but is an improvement over the previous 208. On the bad side, I strained my stomach muscles (I will refrain from the use of the word "pectorals", since one might be led to think I have six pack abs while in actual fact I am far from it). Stomach muscles, you ask? What the hell do they have to do with my form for CC Competition? Well the problem is, I'm the bottom lasher for our flagstaff, meaning that my lashing tied unto the 2 spars of the flagstaff has to be very tight, and the thing is, I require the use of my stomach muscles to help me pull the lashing tight. No, not by clenching the rope using my stomach muscles and pulling with them, but rather, since the lashing is done in a squatting position with my right knee on the ground, I would need those muscles to assist me in pulling the lashing. Now whenever I pull, my stomach muscles hurt, and I've just found out that sneezing causes my stomach muscles to hurt like hell. I hope my condition's going to improve, but it's unlikely, since my muscles are probably going to get inflamed and hurt even more. What shitty luck.

On a side note, I am now absolutely lagging behind in terms of my studies. I failed my A Maths Base Test, don't know crap about differentiation and still have a TON of homework overdue. I'm so screwed, but I'll have to buck up anyways.