Monday, February 20, 2006

Playing games online, you'll always get to see the best and worst of people. It's the same with Halo 2; played it a couple of days ago and met some assholes that really pissed me off.

Another Singaporean player and I were playing a team slayer match, and since it's a 4v4 game, we had 2 people added to our team. Germans. Now I haven't got anything against anyone of any nationality, but these two guys were really losers, which meant that my team lost of course, which doesn't really matter since it's just a single match in a game, but what made them get on my nerves was that they had attitude problems. Like I said, it's a just a game, nothing to get angry about, right? But hell, those two were lame.

Here's one example of them being lame.

We both see an enemy, I kill the guy with a couple of shots from my gun, he's just spamming his bullets all over the place.


Just so you know, LuminousRAM is my Gamertag. As you can see, the idiot couldn't even get his pronunciation right and there he was telling people off. But what pissed me off wasn't the fact that he didn't get my GT right, it was that is was a freaking team game! Who the hell cares who gets the kill as long as we win? I was like, "In case you didn't noticed, we're LOSING, and this is a TEAM game, so it doesn't matter who gets the kill?" And the guy went bitching to his other German friend about some crap or another. Like I said, I've nothing against Germans, it was just these two. Why'd he have to call people a bitch for no reason? And the fact was that he had the lowest score was was a uber noob. It's people like these we meet online that give gaming a bad name.