Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three things to say today.

One. I'm slowly but surely getting sick. How do I know? Well, maybe it's due to the fact that I can't go 20 seconds with out coughing at least 4-5 times. Or maybe it's due to the fact that my nose feels like it's got a plunger stuck into it, and no amount of blowing my nose can get all the snot out. Sorry for the disgusting detail, but that's the way it is. In addition, just now on my way home from school, I suddenly felt chilly. Not because there was a thunderstorm or anything; because a breeze was blowing. WTF? Hmm better take a little better care of myself. What makes this worse is that I'm going with Edmund and Jared to the gym tomorrow, and I'm going to look like an idiot cause I'm sick. "What? You busted out after only 1km on the treadmill?" rofl. Why am I even going to the gym in the first place, you ask? Well let's just say it's a feeble attempt for me to get my disproportioned body into effing shape. Hahas. It's going to need a lot of work, and building any more muscle won't help. It's weight I need to lose.

Two.During Physics practical lesson today, I forgot to bring my flexible curve and my 30cm ruler, part of the "standard operating procedure items" needed. Well it was more that I lost the stuff. Was forced to stay outside with a couple of others, where I managed, in Ms. Goh's abscence from the outside of the lab to borrow a rather mouldy looking flexible curve, but no long ruler. We milled about, thinking of what to do, before requesting to go and buy the stuff we needed, and at that point of time Ms. Goh flung the "excused from class" tag at us and kept up a stream of scolding. Can't say I blame her though. After all, we are in Secondary Four. Never mind that. At the end of the practical, where Ms. Goh checked everyone's work one my one, when it was my turn she told me that at present I was a B3 student, but only because I was lazy. "You have the calibre," she said, "and if you work a little bit harder, you'll get your A1." Of course I was happy when she said that, but unfortunately, I'll have to agree with her on one point: I'm lazy, period. By my own admission, I'd have to say I'm pretty clever (wipe that smug look off your face! hahas), honestly. It's just that I dislike studying, and I can't bring myself to practice Maths, which explains loads on why I'm failing. As for Chemistry, I'm flunking the damn thing 'cause I don't like and understand it, and people fear things they don't understand. Again, I tell myself to work harder, but will it work?

Three. I just found out yesterday that I'm to be the parade commander for the parade during the Secondary One camp. Thought it was a bit of a joke, since Ying Jie and Andy were like grinning when they told me this, but looks like it's official. Not that I'm scared or anything, I'm just saying. It's not that I'm not interested or anything, it's just that I don't look as good in full uniform as I'd like to be.

Aaand, there's a bloody Geography class test tomorrow. *sigh*