Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today, February the 18th was the big day; the day of the NPCC Campcraft Competition, held once every 2 years by NPCC HQ. Today was the prelims. The competition this year marked a departure from previous CC Competitions as in addition of a flagstaff,instead of a tent, we were required to pitch up a gadget and a shelter, subject to our own creativity within 10 minutes. So we've been training for a couple of months now with our designs, with me, Zi Xian and Yi Cong as part of the flagstaff team, me being the bottom lasher and flagbearer, Yi Cong being the top lasher and tyer of the clove hitches and ZX the pegger and S-whipper. The rest of the 6 people in the team did the gadget and shelter. We've trained hard and thankfully, the efforts of my team are likely to pay off.

I woke up this morning at 5am, took a quick shower, got changed at went to school, where we had a final practice pitch for our two teams. We then set off for the Police Academy at Thomson Road. The moment we reached the place, we had to run over to the drill shed from the parade square, some 400m plus? as the stupid bus driver drove in a big bloody circle, causing us to be late for registration.

Fast forward 10 minutes or so. My team was to be the first to pitch. We were led over to our lot, where we stood there waiting for the judges to arrive. After they did, there was a one-minute equipment check before the horn was blown for us to start our pitch. Not going to say much, just that 10 minutes later, we had a complete pitch with pretty high standard. Not perfect, but I'd say quite good, and I'm not being complacent. My only gripe with our flagstaff was the placement of one of the pegs.

After our pitch, we waited for like half an hour for the judges to mark, while we sat there doing nothing >.< Sheesh. After everything was done, bla bla bla, we were led out, with people asking us to show that our pockets were empty and everything. Anyways, we waited around for another one hour or so for our second team to pitch. Not too good, unfortunately. Not going to say anything else.

Left PA at about 1pm and rushed home before going off to church at about 2.30 or so. Was supposed to be there at 2 to do planning for the combined session, but lucky for me they hadn't started anything yet.

Dunno what else to say, there's probably more but I'm just lazy.