Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm watching The Apprentice as I'm typing this, so you've been warned; this post isn't going to be a fantastic one, and it's going to be short and rather uninteresting.

On Friday the Secondary Ones had thier Initiation Camp, and I was supposed to be Parade Commander for the promotion parade on Saturday, on which we also had our 1st class drill test, of which I'm sad to say I screwed myself up for WOC. Only way to pass now is to teach well for the MOI component. Wore the red sash with my full uniform for parade, but sad to say, I screwed up (again) a little during the parade. I was so caught up with thinking of what to do next after I'd done this and that that I forgot to salute OC two times when marching up to him to ask permission for pledge taking. Shit, now he's going to think that I'm "big-headed" and all again, which isn't true. I've long learned to open up my eyes to see people more capable than me. What I did was inexcusable, unfortunately. Anyway, got promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, which is probably as far I as can go now, what with all that screwing up. Left school only at about 4.45, which meant I couldn't make it for catechism lesson. Crap.

That's everything summarised in a jiffy I guess. Like I said, not presented in an interesting manner.