Friday, March 31, 2006

Just came back from a run with HB. It's surprising what losing some weight can do to your physical stamina. I weighed 83kg in January. I now weigh 75kg. No, I'm not afraid to admit any of this. It's me, after all. Ran a proper 2.4km route just now, and surprisingly didn't feel tired at all after the 6 rounds. Well, maybe a little out of breath, but that didn't last. In the past, I used to get tired at the 2nd round. All this, even though I've never trained my stamina and running at all. I'm not trying to say that I'm very fit or anything, since I'm still fat, or inproportionally shaped to be exact, but it's good to know what I can do now. I'm pretty confident of at least a "C" grade for the NAPFA 2.4km run.

I'm soping surprising well with the loss of my phone, except that it still smarts to know that everything's gone. No phone withdrawal symptoms or anything; I was always careful to never get too attached to my phone.