Monday, March 27, 2006

Last week was English week at school, and to "celebrate", we had costume dress ups during morning assembly in which everyone got a chance to vote who was the best character (Sec 4 guys were to dress up as Shakespearean characters), a special hall assembly in which a particular Captain Francis came and talked about seafaring and how great he is (sorry, can't resist), a mini book fair and last of all, Grabble.

What is Grabble? Well you'll probably be able to gather that it's something like Scrabble, and in some ways it is. There's not board or anything though. The game is played by two sides of max 2 players each, and there's a referee present to deal out tiles with letters on them. So, basically what we've got to do is to form words with the tiles dealt out, and at the same time adding on letters to your opponent's words to "grab" their words while protecting your own by adding letters as well. Pretty fun game.

Anyway why the bloody hell am I talking all this crap? Because every class was to send 2 reps to participate in a school Grabble competition, and SY and me happened to be selected by the class. I pissed of or anything about it though; since I thought the game was fun, why not? So we spent a couple of recesses in one of the classrooms playing the game, and guess what? We emerged champs. Hehe. Not being proud or anything, but I thought we both made a good team.

It was nice, winning the competition and all, but sadly the prize wasn't as exciting. For the 1st prize we got 10 bucks worth of Popular bookstore vouchers. Pretty sad, isn't it? But it isn't about the amount, see I'd have preferred it if the money were spent on making a trophy or medal or something. No need to be anything flashy, but it would have been nice to win something more....I don't know, tangible?

Oh well, you can't have your cake and eat it at the same time.