Monday, March 13, 2006

My life began 2 days ago, at SJI Auditorium during the SYD Youth Rally. Corny, I know, but my life has changed, in some inexplicable way. In Secondary 2, I was what you would call nothing but a "Sunday Catholic", and a horrible one at that. In Secondary 3, I decided to get more serious about God. I paid attention during Catechism lessons, something I didn't always do in Secondary 1 & 2. I got confirmed on the 6 Nov 2006, and I decided to become a Youth Assistant Catechist. Why? Because I felt it was something I could do, and I could know more about God. Even then, that passion to know more wasn't always there.

My life as a real Catholic began 2 days ago. Since the rally, I've fallen in love with praise and worship. I like the songs, you see. And now, my heart is filled with a void; one of longing, longing for more, longing to have a group of friends whom I can share my experiences with, who can relate to these experiences. It's never been like this. I've gone a bit crazy, I think, but in a good way. Just now, I just walked into the Christian shop at the mall and bought a CD by delirious?, one of the bands featured in one of the promotional booklets given out in the goodie bags at the rally. Did you know they gave out free CDs at the rally? One in the goodie bag, another when you filled in a feedback form and returned it to them. I got all 3 CDs, as one of my friends didn't want his and gave it to me. So far I'm listening to Across the Sky, a Christian rock band. Not bad, they've got 2 pretty good songs, which is the same standard as almost all mainstream bands. The other 2 CDs, well one of them has quite good music, but I don't really like ballady songs, the last one I haven't touched yet. Well back to the topic. Since then I've cleaned out the skeletons I have in my closet, I'm going to try to eliminate the vices I previously had.

2 days ago, my life changed, and I hope that it'll last; I don't want this feeling of hunger to go away, and I don't want to return to the person I once was. Hmmm, also since 2 days ago, I can't stop thinking of a particular someone as well..not going to say who =D

Well, here's to a new me.