Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well as you can see, I've made (and still am making) a couple of changes to the design of my blog. It's sucked for too long you see, and the thing that's only ever constant is change. Unfortunately, my html knowledge isn't fantastic, I'm not the kind who can come up with beautiful blog designs in a jiffy, so it'll take a while. Let me know what you think after everything's done up.

The March holidays are almost over, and I haven't even smelt my homework yet. Oh well. I guess I'm just like that. But what with the First Aid Course from Monday to Wednesday and CC training every day except tomorrow after that, it's really hard to cope. Excuses I know.

My uncle just told me just now at my granmother's that I'll be the lector for his church wedding ceremony. I'm honoured I guess. It's not everyday a privelege like this falls on my shoulders.