Sunday, March 12, 2006

Went for the SYD Youth Rally yesterday, Really good, with praise and worship, a skit and life experience sharing by a few people, and a session by one of the priests.

The rally, held over at the SJI auditorium was scheduled to start at 6.30pm, but the bus from church left at 5.15pm, apparently. Was a little late and missed the first bus, and had to settle for the second one, which ferried basically myself only. Put it another way; Another cathechist, Kate whom I hadn't met before and was in charge of the bus and me were the only two people on board, excluding the driver, of course. Talk about overkill. Haha. Apparently the others had decided to go by themselves.

The moment we got there, we had to walk into the auditorium, and damn does SJI have good facilities. A rugby/ soccer field, a street soccer court, and an auditorium. To think I could have gone there, but I don't regret for a moment, since I'm glad I joined MSHNPCC. Lame but true. Well anyway the moment I walked into the auditorium, goodie bag in hand, I was greeted with loud music from the worship band there. Cool.

Well, long story short, there was a skit during the rally. Maureen acted in it, and I must say, she's got talent. Fantastic performance, with realistic portrayal of her character. Nearly teared at one point.No need to say more, since it'll all be superfluous. Well later on the skit turned out to actually be snippets of a few people's lives, and these people came on to share their life experiences that turned them to God. Enriching.

All that was followed by a sermon of sorts by Fr. Pereira (dunno if I spelt his name correctly), before the Sacrament of Adoration and more Praise and Worship.

Well all I've said here makes the event sound pretty boring, but as I don't want to make this post too long, I'm cutting back on a lot of stuff. And I'm lazy. Haha. Well let's just say you have to come the next time to actually experience it.