Wednesday, April 05, 2006 to start this post? There's so much to be said, so little time I have to say it. Not to mention that I have to worry about making everything readable and not just gibberish. Oh, and did I mention that I'm using my class iMac? Yep, that's right, I'm typing this in school, as I wait for Jared to go to the school gym. Jian Rui just went down to the canteen to buy food, so I'm the only one in class right now. If I'm caught....I'll just say I'm sending a document in the iMac to my email. I'll still get screwed anyway, since only the IT rep is supposed to be able to access the computer, but I find this rule really stupid. Why'd the principal spent thousands, approaching a million bucks so nobody could use it? Sure, the computer's used for lessons and all, but other than that, it's just gathering dust, so I thought I might as well make full use of the facilities present. But then, after reading all this crap I posted, I've the rather unpleasant job of informing you that the school iMac is not the suject matter of this post. Oh. JR's back. And he's breathing down my neck as I type this.

Well. Enough of that. My main topic for this post is basically to state how pissed I am. Before I can go any further however, a bit of a history lesson is required, but since I don't want to torture the reader too much, I'll sum everything up in point form:

1) I've always hated Math.

2) I've always been failing Math, since Primary 6.

3) I'm now in Sec 4, and Mrs Ng is my Maths teacher.

4) Mrs Ng is biased, unprofessional and a lousy teacher to boot. (this line was originally meant to be a couple of paragraphs long berating my teacher, but I decided against it for the benefit of the reader).

Well, the other points speak for themselves, but I feel that point 4 in particular has to be elaborated a LOT more. I can say someone is lousy, but I have to explain, don't I? Well then. Firstly, Mrs. Ng is lousy simply because most of the time half the class doesn't know what the bloody hell she's talking about. Oh, and she's boring too. Having a boring teacher for a boring subject of which you can't understand anything about is equivalent to a straight F9 for A Maths. Next, I said she's biased an unprofessional. Why? Because when she teaches, she basically only teaches a couple of students in the class, as she shows favouritsm for them. She always makes statements such as "Oh, I really like this boy!", which of course is unprofessional since a teacher is supposed to have no favourites. Of course, being the horrible student I am, who hates studying and fails Maths like nobody's business, Mrs. Ng is biased against me. Well, yeah I know I didn't hand in homework and all, but I got a scolding, didn't I? Besides, I'm really mending my ways, to a certain extent. I'm starting to finish off all the homework I didn't hand in, I pay attention during lessons now, but it seems that once you make a mistake, you're condemned. Bleargh. I never wanted to be liked by her anyway.