Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been forever since I last posted anything, and now, forever and a day later, I'm back. Procrastination, according to my Protestant form teacher, is a sin. I don't know whether it's true, but if it is, I've been doing it a LOT. First there's the issue of not blogging. And while you might nod your head in understanding thinking "Oh, yeah, the mid-years are just round the corner", I would have shake you out of your sagely nodding to tell you that I've not been studying, either. So, I've 1) not been blogging and 2) not been studying, either. It's therefore only right next up to think that I've been really occupied with some really important stuff, right? Well, sorry to disappoint everyone again, I haven't been involved in anything big that involves saving the world from destruction; I've been doing....well nothing much, really. Stoning perhaps, but that's just me, I've never started studying for an exam more than one week before it.

Well then, I've said I haven't been doing anything per se, but I have been involved in something pretty big. You see, Saturday was the date for my uncle's church wedding, so the whole day was taken up, with the church wedding ceremony and lunch in the morning and afternoon and the wedding dinner at Fort Canning Park in the evening. Not that I minded the day being taken up one bit though; it was a really good excuse to destress. Plus, I got to play dress up for once =D. I wore a long sleeved shirt and tie, with black trousers and brown leather shoes in the morning, and a short sleeved brown shirt with a matching jacket in the evening, khaki trousers and the same shoes for the dinner. Oh yeah, did I mention I was lector for the wedding ceremony i.e. I read the Liturgy of the Word? Apparently I was rather good, or so everyone tells me, but I didn't think so, sorta went all throaty with one of the words. Nevermind that.

Promise to post lots of photos asap. =)