Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just got my contact lenses. Feels pretty ok, except that it was kinda uncomfortable putting it on i.e. had to open my eye till it almost popped out to put on the lenses. Haha. It's surprising how far people go to look better. But then another saying goes to tell us not to stay in our comfort zone.

Parents are supposed to be role models, aren't they? If you think this is going to be a post berating my parents, think again. Heh, I'm not that full of angst about my parents, you know. Only a little, but that's beside the point. Parents are supposed to be the No.1 role model for kids, since they're the ones they look up to. Well, I'm going to cite you an example of one parent who wasn't. No not mine, dummy.

Two days ago, I was part of a group of NPCC Sec4s who volunteered to do road marshalling for the Sec2 subject combination talk for parents. Well, it was after weekly activity and we were all a little tired (well, not me perhaps) and all, plus it was raining. We stood at our assigned places of deployment, wearing only a poncho and an orange vest over it in the rain. The rain poured for a while then stopped. Of course, since we were only wearing ponchos, our trousers and shoe got wet, but never mind that. Apparently the combination talk wasn't the only event happening that night, as there was to be some badminton crap in the primary section. It so happened that when I stopped one car to ask whether the driver, a woman was going for the talk, she bitched at me like I did her some great wrong. The following is the full exchange that was made:

Me: (waves hand to stop car, goes over to window) Good evening, ma'am. Are you here for the subject combination talk?

Woman: (with kid in back seat of car) Nooo, I'm going to the primar school for badminton. I called the school alreadyyy. (drives off immediately)

As you can see, that particular parent stressed the words "No" and "already" in her sentence, talking to me as if I was a particularly irritating salesman.

Me: "Good evening, madam. Would you like to have a look at these new shoes?"

Woman:"No, thank you."

Me:" What about our new range of bags?"

Woman:"No, thanks, I look by myself."

Me: "What about our new-"

Woman:"Nooo, enough alreadyyyy!"

Well as you can see from this case study, it took 3 queries to get someone annoyed. On that occasion however, all I did was as her whether she was parking and she went at me. Worse still, he kid was in the car. I wonder, what is it that some parents teach their children nowadays? To be snobbish?