Saturday, May 20, 2006

According to Wikipedia,

The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) is the largest uniformed group for youths in Singapore in terms of membership. As of 31 March 2004, the organisation has 596 teacher officers and 20,146 student members in 155 secondary schools, 2 polytechnics open units and 2 University Open Units. With the support from two ministries, namely the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, the organisation has grown from being a relatively new-comer compared to other uniformed groups, to being one of the more well-established in terms of reputation, standards, and acceptabilty amongst the youths of Singapore and their parents.


1997 – The most prestigious of the NPCC Badges - the SPF-NPCC Badge - was unveiled in 1997 and was awarded to 10 cadets in that same year during the NPCC Day Parade.

I don't know how Wikipedia gets so much of this kind of information, so much to the extent that you can probably find anything and everything there, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, according to a directive by the National Police Cadet Corps to "identify and recognise outstanding cadets with good leadership qualities". Every year, nominees from each unit are required to fill up a form indicating their achievements in NPCC, and this form will be sent directly to HQ for "rigorous screening". Only the top 1% of NPCC cadets are awarded this badge every year.

This year, our unit managed to clinch eight out of the hundred or so placings for recipients for this prestigious badge, compared with only 3 last year. Needless to say, I'm proud for the unit. Seven other of my squadmates, along with myself are scheduled to receive the badge in a presentation ceremony on June 7. Am I happy that I qualified for the most prestigious badge in NPCC, often hailed to be the pinnacle of achievements an NPCC cadet can attain? I guess so, but it really isn't sinking in yet, probably 'cause of my extremely poor results.

Again, I need to start studying. But not yet.