Thursday, May 18, 2006

Don't have time to say much as I've tuition later.

We've gotten back all our results, and mine are totally shit. An L1R5 of 31 doesn't get me anywhere, and I'm thankful it's only Prelim 1. If it were Prelim 2, I'd be a goner, but effing hell, how did I got from being a pretty much A grade student to such a pathetic state? It never fails to surprise me, even though I know the answer. I've been lazy. Simply that, in 3 words. Oh, and my Math teacher doesn't help at all. I never got into the "exam mood" when the exams came, and I didn't even study for a couple of subjects. Sure, I topped the class again for English, but that's nothing anymore, and many people are catching up. An A2 for Chinese isn't too bad, and I agree, but an A1 was in my hands and it slipped.

I need to start studying. Soon. Well, maybe during the holidays. Whatever, but I know I can't afford to flunk anymore. I won't, for my own sake and not to disappoint my parents.