Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Played badminton with Bai Kar, SY, Muthu, Jing Feng, Lian Kai and a couple of others today. Had fun, and after that BK went with me to buy a new racket ^_^ - a "Muscle Power 23", bought it cause it is a pretty good racket after all, plus there were a couple of freebies, namely a badminton shirt and shorts and two wristbands, along with a badminton racket bag. Cost: $88.90 Worth it? I should think so...now all that remains is to test it on for the first time on Thursday, during PE. Went home after that, stoned for a while and took a nap. Don't normally sleep in the afternoons, but was really tired. Nothing else to report, I think, so I'll shut up now.