Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, I'm now in the thick of exams, which of course sucks since only nerds who study everyday like proving their mettle at tests. One of the implications of blogging during the examination period is having less time for study, but that doesn't really do that much to me, since I don't really study that much at all. I bascially just wasted my whole weekend for studying stoning (and I don't mean the drug-induced version) instead. This, of course means low productivity, which results in poor farming methods which leads to overcultivation and on to environmental degradation. I've just recited most of the "poverty cycle", so you can see that tomorrow's paper is Geography.

Along with Geography tomorrow I have E Maths, of which I might be fked. I dunno for sure yet, but I tend to suck at Math, you see. I've tuition later, let's see if that helps.

No point dwelling on the future, let's get back to the past. Earlier today we had Chinese Language Paper 1, which was composition, and the CL listening comprehension paper immediately after that. I think I'll do quite okay for the compo; the letter possibly okay as well, though it was done totally in a get-it-over-with fashion.

Yesterday we had our Chinese and English Paper 2 (i.e. Comprehension Paper), and amazingly, my CL teacher was able to mark ALL the scripts in my class by yesterday morning. I'm impressed, and apparently she stayed up till 2am. Out of a possible 70 marks, I got a pretty respectable 48, the highest being Xavier with 54. I'm only really disappointed I didn't finish the paper; I'm pretty sure I could have gotten somewhat better marks. Oh well. As for English, I think I did...well I'm cautiously optimistic, but I might not do as well as in the past, since I kinda forgot to go back and do some of the questions properly.

The exam day before yesterday was English Paper 1 (Composiiton), of which I'm quite sure I can do pretty well, except that I'm not too confident on my exposition this time around. Wrote slightly out of point I think.

3 subjects down, 5 more to go. I can't wait till I can taste freedom again.