Thursday, June 01, 2006

I apologise in advance as I'm going to be really acerbic and acrimonious in this post. If you don't want to read racorous and strong language, don't. I've already told you.

Our result for the .22 revolver shooting competition was totally fucked up. I dislike using profanity in my posts, but I can't stress enough how bad it is. Last year, out of the 2 teams we sent, the lower one scored 546. This year, the teams scored 405 and 453, which is simply bullshit. I just don't understand why the hell we got so low. Was is because of faulty guns? But even if that was so we wouldn't have people scoring 63 out of 180 points. Foggy goggles? Maybe, but even I can't see the where my shots land on the damn target when I'm shooting. Complacency? Bad luck? I don't know, but it's eating me up. I take full responsibilty for it though.

What makes matters worse is that NPCC HQ, for some unknown reason gets officers who can't even count the number of holes in the bloody target, and officers who can't even key in numbers properly into a computer to be in charge of recording scores. Total bull, and luckily for myself I spotted a mistake in the female officer's counting, or else I'd have gotten a bloody eight points less. That's not all. Apparently 2 of my team members from my team were confused as why their scores reflected 10+ points less than what they counted, another member from Wee Han's team also had the same problem and Wei Bin asked me why his score was a couple of points less as well. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I learnt to count and write numbers in kindergarten, so I don't understand how these shitty mistakes could have been made. What happened immediately after that was that Wee Han, Wei Bin and myself went to ask the two officers to edit the scores, but only Wei Bin's and the guy from Wee Han's team's score was corrected, as the two members from my team only told me their scores had problems after the officers edited Wei Bin and the other guy's score. Got a scolding for that, but was really pissed with the fact that it was their bloody fault in the first place. Also, I don't know how the hell it happened, but it seems my gun had magic, because for our NRA target we had twelve rounds, and my scoresheet showed fourteen shots fired. So instead of a 157 points I got a 160, because the officer added one exta shot to the 2 points and another extra to the one point. Wanted to report the error, but then we weren't allowed to change the scores a second time.

Thankfully, the UOPA criteria has been changed, so the .22 revolver competition isn't going to kill our 8 year Gold, but it totally sucks not to have a team trophy 2 years in a row. Last year it was because Hao Bin and Nigel got sick for the finals, and this year it's because the score's shit. The only good thing is that we'd probably have 2 Individual top 10 shooters from our unit this year, namely myself and Julian, a Sec 3 from the other team. He got 147, and I got a 160, which gives me a high chance to becoming the best shooter in Singapore. Last the the top individual had a score of 162. Am I happy for myself? No, not yet, maybe not ever, because my 160 didn't do shit for the team score.