Thursday, June 08, 2006

The SPFNPCC Badge presentation was yesterday, and in some ways I'm glad it's over. I seem to be rather pessimistic, don't I? But judging from the fact that all among the 98 recipients yesterday night who have blogs will be squealing about how happy they are, I'd guess this would be a breath of fresh air, don't you think?

You know, they say that the SPFNPCC badge is the most prestigious badge an NPCC cadet can get in his term as an NPCC cadet. That's not how I view it, however. In some aspects, not getting couple of other badges, along with not making SI really smarts, but I knew it was coming anyway. One ignominious failure in the limelight after another doesn't exactly reflect well on my resume, does it? But I never was one to love the limelight, I always prefer working behind the scenes, which is why few people actually know what I've done. Oh dear, I'm digressing again. Okay, back to topic. Coming from the best unit in Singapore, I have a fierce pride in the standards of our unit, which I'm very sad to have to mention are falling. The 1st class drill badge, which is given out very freely in other units, is marked very strictly in ours, and only 3 people in my squad got it. I'm not one of them. Not that I would have it any other way, as in the unit dropping to so low a level as to give it to almost everyone, of course. Also, obviously having the Best Unit Cadet badge from the best unit in Singapore is the apex of it all, but I didn't get it either. I'm neither here nor there, it seems.

Whatever, anyway here are some photos which were taken =D


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Photo taken with my parents after the badge presentation ceremony

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From right to left: A grinning Marcus, a pouty Jing Feng and me

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A shot taken of my tribute poster

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Me and the poster. Oh, and the certificate too

Ok that's it. I'll blog more if I remember I missed out anything.