Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't know how I'm going to start this post because I'm not sure if I want it to be a recollection of today or if I want it to be a penning down of my thoughts. So it's just going to be a mish-mash of both.

My new class rather lacks class spirit, but before I go on, it's perhaps prudent to describe the composition of my class. Seven people were ex-1T33, five were from another class and the rest either second intakers or probably alone.

Coming into the new class, everybody just stuck together with their old friends at first. It wasn't like that for the first 6 weeks when we first met our old classmates, it was just so easy making friends. It's a bit different now though. Everyone sorta already has their own clique or is basically just alone, and compounding the problem is the fact that, quite simply because you already have friends it's just too easy to not make the effort to include others. I realise that I've used the word 'easy' twice already in this paragraph, but I'm just too lazy to do do anything about it, so I'll just leave it as it is. If you didn't even notice, well this rather pointless sentence will make you.

Back to my point. We went dragonboating today as part of orientation, which seems to be missing my point completely, but I'd like to highlight something which will make everything tie in oh-so-nicely. Dragonboating this time around wasn't so much of a blast because, well my class wasn't united. Not everybody was rowing together, not everyone listened to the instructor when she gave instructions. No I'm not trying to berate everyone because they weren't all goody and listening to big sister. I'm trying to put across the fact that it wasn't fun because not everybody made the effort to do it together. There it is, out in the open. The reason why T33 was so bloody brilliant was because everyone made the effort to go and have fun together, and it sure helped that everyone was really nice, but it's a bit different in this new class I guess. It'll get better soon though, that's for sure. The first step right now would be, of course to get to know the rest better too.

Weird occurence that happened today: While on the way down to the bus to go dragonboating, this teacher next to me suddenly talked to me.

T: Oh so you are Andrew.

A: Err, yeah. How did you know my name?

T: Oh no it's just that I heard you were very good at GP, so I'll be expecting you to get an A1 for me?


I was rather confused at this point because first of all, I had no idea who this teacher was and why she thought I was good. Add that to the fact that I was clueless as to why and how I would get an A grade for her and you can probably envision the reason behind the number of question and exclamation marks at the end. Anyway it turns out that because on the way down to the buses the classes got mixed, this teacher thought I was from her class of 1T2o. Kind of self explanatory then. So teachers aren't immune to self-jacking, eh? Haha.

That was all a somewhat random, but who cares.

P.S. I beat Wei-Lyn at Egyptian Rat Race today. HAHAHA