Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just something random that came to mind that I decided to note down for myself: It's fine being really friendly with girls and all, but making lewd comments even if they don't mind, I musn't ever cross that line. Heh another personal principle?

Yeah, the appeal went through. Either that or it was already put the way we wanted, whichever it was doesn't matter. Thank God. For your information in case you didn't already know, the appeal was to stay together as a class with my 1T33 friends, and NOT to appeal out to another JC. That was pretty funny, I guess it could have been rather vague, but all the same, I'm a bit bemused because it'd be stupid for me to appeal to go to another college when the one I was in was one I liked.

Rockefella last night was pretty cool, but I'm a bit lazy to type about it, so yeah I'll leave it at that.

Going to Yishun SAFRA tomorrow for training.