Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monthly shoot's this Sunday. I'm hoping I'll do well. I apologise for the fact that lots of my posts seem to be about shooting lately, but then it's pretty much one of the most interesting things that's been happening, so.

Anyway I got a bit bored during training yesterday and decided to go and shoot an air rifle, something I hadn't done in quite a while I shan't say how well I shot, I'll leave it at 'above average'. And no I'm not going to post any pictures either. After about 20+ shots some problem with the rifle I was using cropped up, possibly because I yanked the lever too hard. Now it needs repairing. Yikes.

I'm not improving at a rate fast enough to my satisfaction, but I guess there's nothing much I can do about it except to practice more.

Just bought Good Charlotte's album, and so far it's nothing to shout about.

Once again I'm lagging behind tremendously in almost every subject except GP for which there's nothing to lag behind in, and I need to start bucking up soon/ tomorrow/ next week/ just before the exams.

I could mention some other stuff not related to shooting that I'm pissed off about, but this is a public blog and I'd rather keep some things less well-known, so I'll just shut up.