Wednesday, April 11, 2007

524. Still a number of stray shots, which would have pushed my score higher if I didn't slip up. It's really true about shooting being a mental sport. It's difficult, having to concentrate and not just fire off for 60 shots, something which I still do ever so often. My next target is 530, something which I'll comfortably be able to achieve if I eliminate all those stray shots and focus more. It's just really hard to do so because there are bound to be lapses in concentration. So it's not in the slightest bit 'comfortable to achieve' at all. After that it's going to get even more difficult. Eliminating all my stray shots means that every shot is at least an 8 or above. To get a score of 535 and above, I'll need to close my cluster even more to having a majority of my shots at 9 points each, which I think is achievable, but will need time. It's currently about 5-7 shots within the nine circle at the moment.

Need to train harder, longer, better. Key to success, I think.

I'm finally going to buy Phantom of the Opera tickets tomorrow. It really sucks that there aren't any more student tickets. $50 would have been a steal. $80 is nowhere near cheap, but it's a once in a lifetime chance, right?