Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I got 10/20 for Maths CA. HAHAHA.

My attitude towards my studies now is quite simply shit. One reason would be the fact that I find it harder to stay awake. You see, for the past 2 or 3 weeks I've been staying awake during lectures only because I added copious amounts of my dad's coffee powder into the Milo or whatever I was drinking in the morning to get some caffeine into my bloodstream. My mom doesn't approve because she thinks it's harmful blablabla, but I didn't really care. It's all good, and it kept me awake because even if I was really tired during lectures I couldn't fall asleep even if I wanted to; I'd just be yawning 234124 times. The problem now is that there isn't any coffee left, cause my mom isn't too happy and my dad didn't buy any more. Like WTH right, why is a 17-year old being restricted on such a stupid thing? On the other hand I guess I can count my blessings because I've never had a curfew, never been beaten and go out whenever I like. Often to lots of nagging, but I still manage to get out anyway.

So now comes a particularly weird dilemma for me. A catch-.22, if you like. Here I have 2 choices during lessons now. One, I can stay awake but not pay attention, instead choosing to talk to my friends and play stupid games like connect 4. The only reason why I probably can stay awake is because my mind is active with all this rubbish. Or I could choose to stone, stone, stone and then fall asleep. Either way I'm screwed. How?

Got a lot of crap to complete la. GPP, GP and some stupid chinese oral thing. And no there wasn't a typo earlier. GPP is Group Project Proposal for project work, and GP is my general paper project. Ugh. I want to sleep la.