Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If Subway isn't as healthy as it seems, and as sinful as McDonald's as Aggie puts it, then I'm in a shitload of trouble cause I've been eating it every other day. @#$%$#.

Nothing seems to be going right at the moment; today's training was screwed, my studies are a combination of I-don't-know-anything and I-forgot-already, so I'm dead for midyears, I'm rather broke cause I've been spending a lot and my pocket money seems to be getting less and less. Life sucks, so I think I'll just jump. Into bed and sleep. Tired la.

One of the J2s said I looked like a rugger, and aunty agrees too. Think it was cause I was wearing that jersey la.

Jio-ed Alfred to go for a haircut with me today. I can be quite persuasive, heh. I like my new hairstyle, it's the type that you can gel the back up with. So I can look even more like a rugby player, like, I'll be the most pro one there.

Coach: 'Okay everyone get into position!"

Me: "Ehhh coach, how to play ah?"

Haha yes I have no idea whatsoever how to play rugby. Never particularly appealed to me. And I ordered a new old CD. It's new cause I just ordered it, old since it's an album from some time back. Irony is I'm broke.

Need to prepare my full uniform. Think I'll do it tomorrow morning, wake up early lor.

P.S. Ehh Subway is healthy la. Hahaha.