Sunday, April 29, 2007

Monthly shoot's later in the afternoon at 2pm, and I'm slightly nervous that I'll screw up. I dreamt last night I shot a 520+, which didn't make me particularly happy, but at least I had a minimum basic score. As much as you tell yourself not to be nervous, that there's nothing to be scared of, just go in there do your best, ultimately I think it'll still affect you some way or another. There're so many things that could go wrong. My lower back and arms are still strained from the 6km I ran and other stuff I did on Friday so I'll shake, the gun I want to use might have been resighted and I might not be able to sight it back properly under competition circumstances or worse still, it might be taken by someone else already. No use worrying, but I still do anyway. It's not just a matter of getting in the team now; I want to meet my own target, and I simply just can't let someone get the better of me. It's a 30 point gap on a good day, but when I'm stressed who knows?

Stupid GP project is killing me. And I'm the group leader, like what the hell. Should've just let someone else be the leader, cause now I'm swamped with tons of work. I'm PW group leader too.

I've started to revive my gaming habit thanks to Hao Feng. He kept talking about Rainbow Six Vegas the other day and I decided to start playing it on my 360 again. Wah like damn shiok la. Hahaha.

5 more hours to go.