Sunday, April 15, 2007

Read Muthu's post on everyone being super health-conscious once you go into JC, and I disagree. Nobody really gives a shit if you're healthy except those fitness freaks, we all just want to look good. Correct right? Heh.

What the hell's the use of being able to do 15 pull-ups or 80 situps in a minute if you still look like shit? Gaah.

And the fact that everyone's making effort to go and do something about it, like how I can slack off right? Hao Feng's nuts about running, he seems to enjoy running for 25 minutes every other day. Me? I never liked it. I only do it because I have to. And I'm like starting to slack off already.

Blue moo yesterday was good, but my only regret was downing that damned Oreo shake la. Like one whole week of effort down the drain. Add that to the Hokkien mee and dimsum with Yi He and Muthu and I've got a shitload of calories to burn in addition to what I already need to.

Why is my metabolic rate so crappy?