Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sitting down at a table in Bishan library for 2 hours without a jacket is suicide.

I have a ton of work to finish and I'd decided that I wanted to finish some of it off. So I went to the library after training just now to try. Ended up freezing my arse off because for some reason they think people trying to do work want to freeze themselves to death. Stupid centralised air conditioning systems. You can probably guess how much work I did. And that idiotic GP essay's frustrating the hell out of me cause I realised that I wanted to change the entire thing. Now I have to rewrite it. Argh. I've never been so pissed off by GP.

Today's training was....a 536! And I know I can hit 540+, I'm sure of it. One of my series was only 81/100. So yes, next step would be 540.

And I ate Subway again. Hahahaha.