Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today was some funny. And Hao Feng's full of the funniest crap, I swear. It's just awesome we're in the same class again. <3

So we had 2 hour break again and this time we decided to go over to Coronation Plaza for lunch. Played games and had lots of fun laughing at Yong Di drinking that rubbish we made as a forfeit. Came back and got caught. Hahaha lucky it was Miss Koh la, she's like one of the nicest teachers. She's telling Miss Lim, my home tutor though, but who cares la.

Ate and ate today. Wahlao eh. Like, after dinner: Apple, coffee bun + coke light, milo + raisin bread. All in their order of consumption. Weird combination, I know.

I think I might've screwed up my life. I don't like my subject combination. Physics is murderous because of all the Math inside, Maths is...well hopeless la. Chem is alright, except for the parts with Maths inside. Should have taken a combination like Econs-Lit-Chem-Maths, maths only cause it's needed.

Got Chinese oral tomorrow. I'm supposed to do up the stuff I'm going to say, memorise it and then talk about it. I'm not even halfway done with doing what I'm going to say. And I feel like sleeping already, so I'm going to soon. Screw chinese la.