Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The trouble with letting it drag longer is that is becomes even more awkward later on. I'm just saying it in general about something specific, which probably makes absolutely no sense to you. Heh.

Chinese period is shit la. I've got to sit in front now every Chinese lesson cause the teacher got pissed off with my talking in class, made me stand in a corner today and condemned me right in front from now on. I can't stress enough how much this sucks because Chinese lessons are all about practising pen-spinning techniques (I've almost got another one nailed down, thank you very much) and staying in contact with friends via sms. And talking. Now I can't do any of the three, seeing I'm at the teacher's desk. Eh what la, it's not exactly my fault the lesson is boring right, I'm doing my best here by paying some attention and trying to keep it there by sporadically talking to friends, so give me some credit, man. At least I don't sleep in class. Damn it.

I musn't lose sight of my goals and how I'm going to achieve them. Another ambiguous comment about something specific of which I shan't mention =P