Sunday, April 22, 2007

You know that sorta high feeling you get when you feel you've done something? And even though it's just something you cobbled up you don't really care? I'm feeling it now cause I've just finished my PI, and it's a bit rough but whatever. It's DONE. Woo.

Maths CA tomorrow is a sure pass. That is if the passing mark is 2/40. Die la first period somemore.

Out the whole day yesterday at NPCC HQ on duty for NPCC Day Parade. 11.30pm-9.30pm+. Was like damn shagged when I went home la.

I went to Borders with Yi He today cause there was this 25% off if you buy 4 or more full-priced items thing going on. Bought 2 books and an Atticus CD which is a 2004 compilation, but still pretty cool anyway. I want more musics. Haha. I'm now broke again, but at least I'm happy-broke, like I got stuff I wanted right?

Eh I'm eating too much again. And getting effing lazy too. Shit la.